Ticketing arrangements

Concert tickets are priced at £10 (unrestricted view) and £8 (restricted view). Restricted-view seats are mainly along the sides of the gallery; most ground-floor seats, and seats at the west end of the gallery (by the organ, facing the choir), are classed as unrestricted.

Only £10 tickets can be purchased in advance, and advance ticket holders will be able to enter the church from 6.45pm onwards to choose their seats, guided by signage and by ushers.

The £8 restricted-view tickets (and any unsold £10 tickets) will be available for sale on a first-come-first-served basis from 7.00pm onwards on the evening of the concert. A small number of ground-floor seats at the back of the church are designated as restricted-view and are available for those who wish to purchase a cheaper ticket but not climb the stairs to the gallery.